A spa experience should not only pamper your body, but also your soul. All of your senses should be touched to restore your balance and well-being. Choosing the proper soothing plants for your spa will ensure a relaxing experience for your clients.

Choosing the right plants is vital if you want to encourage a relaxing experience and positive energy in your spa.

Plants have a way of nourishing the soul. Not only will live plants improve the ambiance in your spa, but you will also be cleaning the air and even nourishing the personal energy of your clients. Plants as natural decor pieces strengthen the energy of the wood element which in “Feng Shui” brings forth energy for growth and action.

Plants for your spa

Plants for your spa

The selection and placement of live plants will impact the way your spa is perceived from a client’s viewpoint.

Plants can create an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Yet other plants can be perceived in a totally different manor. Society has placed symbolism to plants and therefore, in an unspoken way we apply this knowledge to how an environment overall is perceived.

When entering any business, especially a spa, first impressions are very important. Consider how you would feel if you were to walk into a spa with stuffy, old furniture covered in dark heavy fabric. Your impression would be totally different than if as you entered the business lightly furnished with streamline, light-colored furnishings.

Below are a few plants you should consider avoiding when adding living plants to your spa:

 1. Avoid toxic plants in your spa

Surprisingly there are many beautiful and common indoor plants that can be toxic either to humans or domestic animals. These plants may not be a good choice for your spa. Some varieties that fall into this category are the Peace Lily, Monstera (Cutleaf Philodendron), Pothos,  Sago Palm,  and Alocasia

toxic plants

2. Avoid plants in the family Cactaceae (Cactus)

When selecting live plants for your spa you should avoid plants with thorns or prickly plants. These types of plants would be on the top of our list of plants to avoid for spas. These types of plants do not evoke a feeling of calm or a represent a calm soothing atmosphere.


3. Unhealthy Plants should not be displayed in your spa

Keeping your plants health and happy is important to keeping your spa environment calm and welcoming. Be sure the plants you have on display are well cared for and in a suitable environment that benefits their well being. Neglected plants can pull positive energy from a room.

sick plant

Good plant choices to add to your spa environment

Most indoor plants will do well in a spa environment, as long as they are properly tended to. Below are some of our suggestions for some plants that will thrive in your spa:


1. Plants that have a bamboo like appearance

Bamboo is known for representing positive energy, mobility and improvement. It is a very simple plant to grow indoors and require moderate light and consistently damp soil (but not wet).

Common varieties of bamboo that grow indoors in containers include Pleioblastus viridistriatus, dwarf green stripe bamboo, and Pseudosasa japonica, or arrow bamboo. Dwarf green stripe bamboo grows to 4 feet tall but usually stays about 2 1/2 feet tall indoors. Source: https://www.thespruce.com/grow-bamboo-inside-1902611


Source: bonsi.shikoku-np.co.jp

Plants that are similar in appearance to bamboo include Horsetail, Japanese Knotweed, Parlor Palm and Lucky Bamboo (to name just a few). Each of these is a good choice to add a variety of living plants in your spa.


 2. Money tree – a symbol of prosperity

A Money Tree plant is a number of Pachira aquatic a trees that have been braided together from saplings. These trees have been a symbol of prosperity since the 1980’s when they were first created by for bonsai in Taiwan. These potted plants are attractive and have been associated with good luck.

Money tree

Photo by Jose Hernandez-Uribe on Unsplash

3. Clean air benefits of ferns

Fern are remarkable at cleaning the air of impurities and removing airborne pollutants. Ferns are beautiful potted on a shelf or displayed in a hanging basket. A couple sprays of water from a spray bottle will help keep them green and lush as they love humidity along with full sun. Ferns are a good choice in your spa to help balance energy and work very good in bathrooms and other areas in the spa that generate humidity (if there is a window providing direct sunlight.


4. A plant that will live for generations – the Jade Plant

Jade plants have a striking beauty all their own. With leaves in the shape of small rounded ovals and suited best for warm and dry conditions these are popular, easy to keep plants. Jade plants will live for generations with proper care.  Proper watering is a must.


5. Choose from a wide selection of Palms for your spa

Palms can be ideal for your spa as they do not require direct sunlight. Palms can adapt to lower light conditions and can even thrive in these locations. Potted palms require good drainage and regular fertilization and are best for low traffic areas where they will not be disturbed.


Where should you place plants in your spa?

Plant placement is very important and determined by the natural lighting requirements for each individual variety. There are many different plants that will do very well in a spa environment. The team at Nivtop Creations can help you select the perfect plants for your reception areas and treatment rooms. Each room of your spa should have some type of living plant to bring a feeling of calm and serenity. Call today for your free consultation 813-382-6803 https://nivtopcreations.com/contact-us/