What a year we have had! It is almost hard to believe that the holidays will soon be upon us. We are so looking forward to the joy that the holiday season brings and we look forward to bringing some holiday spirit to our clients as well! We have a wonderful selection of seasonal plants, trees, and décor to create an atmosphere of warmth and cheerfulness at your place of business.

It is more important than ever to plan ahead for your holiday decorating needs. Delays in availability, low inventory at grow houses, and shipments will be challenging this year. We want to make sure your holiday planning and decorating is as stress-free as possible. We hope these 5-holiday decorating tips will get you started on planning the holiday décor at your office, retail location or professional location.

Holiday Office Decorating by Nivtop Creations

5 Holiday Decorating Tips:


1. Set Your Budget for Seasonal Decorating

Start your holiday decorating planning by knowing what items you have onsite (or in storage). Get an inventory together and dispose of any items that you no longer feel are useful or are damaged. Decide on what essentials you want such as entryway décor, decorated tree (with or without topper), seasonal lighting, and scenting. Once you know what you have, you can budget for what you might need. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by speaking with the team at Nivtop Creations. They can offer you many ideas that you may not have considered for your seasonal décor. A no-cost on-site consultation can provide estimated costs that will fit nearly every budget.  Our experienced team will get you the best results from your decorating dollars. Our professionals can help you decide on the number and types of plants that would provide the best impact as well as garlands, wreaths, trees, and maintenance throughout the season

2. Planning to Seasonally Decorate Your Space

Each professional location will have different decorating possibilities. A medical office may need nothing more than a small decorated tree, a garland across the reception window sill, and a couple of seasonal plants on the desk.  A downtown office building with a grand entryway may need seasonal entry displays and an oversized tree to reflect the season. Retail establishments and restaurants may simply want some garlands and seasonal plants to inspire shoppers and diners that the finale of the season will soon be here. No matter what your professional business needs are you will want to be sure you have a plan.

Holiday Decorating for your Business with Plants

3. Choosing a Seasonal Tree for your Business

Seasonal displays come in all types and sizes.  By stacking plants on a frame you can give the appearance of a tree – from pumpkins and sunflowers in the fall to poinsettias and bromeliads in the winter, there are many options for decorating without a single tree. You can also choose between live and artificial trees in many varieties, sizes, shapes and even colors. You can choose to top your tree with a star, large ribbon, or otherwise. You also have the option of lighting your tree or display with spotlights, solid or flashing lights. Choosing the right sized tree for your space is also very important. A grand entry should have a tree to match. You would not want to put a Floor to ceiling wide tree in a small office, that would be overwhelming and not fit the scale or design of your location.




4. Choose a Theme for Your Seasonal Decorations

There are many options for decorating that will bring the look and feel of your space together in a warm and pleasing manor.  For fall you could set out a Pumpkin Patch theme with Scarecrows, gourds and bails of straw decorated with multiple colors of mums. The colors of fall leaves, the scents of spices, or Halloween themes can all speak to the season.  As winter approaches our thoughts go to icy winter wonderlands of blue and silver, Rich colors of red, burgundy, and gold of palettes of dark evergreens. The theme you choose should enhance your business. Attorney’s and professional offices will benefit from classic, stately decorative themes. Playful primary colors of childhood presents and toys for toy-land themes are great for shopping malls and retail establishments or pediatric medical centers. Pick a holiday decorating theme that supports or highlights your business mission. You may want to survey your office staff to get some ideas that they would find pleasing to be surrounded by over the holiday.  Your chosen theme should be carried throughout your business. You may choose to have your main display in the lobby or reception area, on individual doors wreaths or swags, garlands across entryways and smaller trees at the ends of hallways. Do not forget to decorate the main entrance of your business as you will want to create as warm welcoming first impression.

Holiday Office Decorating by Nivtop Creations

For seasonal or year round decorating assistance at hotels, retail spaces, professional buildings and offices, the team at Nivtop Creations can make your business shine! No matter what your needs, budget, or business size we will be there for you throughout the season, from installation, to plant maintenance and watering, through the teardown and clean up after the holidays have passed.

Nivtop Creations is here to make your seasonal and holiday atmosphere memorable and pleasing to your clients and guests. We look forward to helping your Tampa Bay and surrounding area businesses prepare for the holiday season! Contact us today to schedule a no cost consultation. Call 813-382-6803 or visit us online at https://nivtopcreations.com/contact-us/