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Plant Maintenance Services Include:

From Moss Walls to Palm Trees, each plant and group has unique needs. Our Plant Maintenance Techs serve to ensure your plants remain well-watered and healthy.
Prune & Trim
Even on healthy plants, leaves and blossoms have a lifespan. Nivtop Plant Techs remove yellowing or aging leaves to deter unwanted plant pests. Because some pests are frequently drawn to decaying or dead foliage, this is something to which we pay close attention. Additionally, timely pruning & trimming helps maintain the plant’s aesthetic appeal.
In order for your plants to remain healthy and vibrant, they may need to be cleaned. Not every plant requires this, of course. And for those plants that DO need their leaves cleaned, there’s a range of delicate work to be done. We understand the nature of those plants we bring to you as well as their exposure to the elements. Indoor air can trap dust. Outdoor locations may be  subject to dirt kicked up by passing vehicles. All of these situations can cause plant leaves to become dull AND unhealthy. You can count on the Nivtop Techs to keep your plants thriving!
The aim of fertilizing our plants is to provide just the right amount of nutrients to support new growth and a healthy balance. It’s not about promoting rapid growth to achieve a larger plant size. That’s why excessive amounts of fertilizer unnecessary.
When Nivtop Techs applies plant fertilizer, we use those specifically labeled and suitable for the application. In the cases where plants or beds are maintained outdoors, we choose matching fertilizers for these areas. Among our goals in creating a beautiful setting where the only scents are those created by the plants themselves.

Plant Maintenance for Indoor Settings

You’ll receive the beauty and natural benefits of being surrounded by lush, healthy plants. We’re here to make them effortless for you. Keeping your plants and your space at their peak demands an understanding of both.

Areas with direct sunlight versus ambient light require different attention. Regularly scheduled visits to maintain and attend to your plants will keep them beautiful and improve your surroundings.

Plant Maintenance for Outdoor Settings

Maintaining the allure of your commercial property’s flower beds throughout the year is crucial for sustaining its curb appeal. The Nivtop Plant Techs provide meticulous services year-round. Our expertise extends to a variety of commercial properties, including hotels, restaurants, private medial offices healthcare facilities, office buildings of all types, and tourist destinations. Under certain circumstances, we even service private homes.

You'll Find Our Work Everywhere

Our work includes a wide variety of unique and exotic plants to compliment and enhance your workplace. We’ve found our work of bringing nature to your spaces has so many benefits. We’re confident that you, your guests and patrons will find our high-quality plants and workmanship enjoyable and soothing.

Our interior plant services include commercial locations such as:



Large Healthcare Facilities

Private Doctor’s Offices,

Licensed Therapeutic Massage

Yoga Studios

Tourism Offices

Tourist destinations

Private homes and more.

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Danielle Lang
Danielle Lang
Lisa has done an exceptional job with our plant designs and they bring such beauty to our office. She is very responsive and listens to exactly what we are looking for our office space.
Aimee Kennedy
Aimee Kennedy
Nivtop creations helped me find some great succulents to put in my work space. Lisa is quick to reply and is very knowledgeable about her service and what would be best in your space.
Jann Luper
Jann Luper
Her plants have brought in much needed natural beauty to our office. Her Christmas designs & decor made our place super festive last year. Can't wait to see what this season brings.
Julie Roth
Julie Roth
Lisa at Nivtop Creations is knowledgeable, professional and has great ideas! On top of that, the level of care that she gives to our plants is better than we've ever had! i highly recommend!