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Healthy plants make a Healthy workplace for your customers and your team!

Following a 10-year study at Exeter University, they announced an amazing discovery about the positive impact of household plants on workspaces. Together, the Exeter team determined that “worker productivity increased by 15%” when they’re in the presence of houseplants and household decor at work.


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Once designed, Nivtop Techs place and mount the first panel of the Live Green Wall.
Nivtop Tech Team continues panel installation of the Live Green Wall.
Nearing completion of the installation, minor adjustments are made.
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Better Health, Fewer Sick Days

If you’ve spent any time in an office setting, shared workspace, hot-desking or hoteling, you know how quickly a “cold” can spread through the workplace. This and other environmental factors can lead to “sick building syndrome”. Symptoms for this can include concentration issues, headaches, and even flu-like symptoms. And while plants in the workspace can’t cure everything, they can improve the odds! Plants naturally filter airborne pollutants. Many actually produce oxygen. Working with Nivtop will help identify which plants are best for your space!

Plants Satisfy and Inspire in the Workplace

When the workplace is more inviting, our emotions are more positive. That may seem simplistic. But understanding the impact of plants on our mood is a critical point in attending to the needs of your customers and staff.

At Sydney University of Technology, a study demonstrated that worker-related stress could be reduced by as much as 50% by having only 1 plant in their area. Additionally plants in the workplace were also found to significantly reduce anxiety, confusion anger and negativity!

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Our community has a thing for plant styling. Get inspired.
Danielle Lang
Danielle Lang
Lisa has done an exceptional job with our plant designs and they bring such beauty to our office. She is very responsive and listens to exactly what we are looking for our office space.
Aimee Kennedy
Aimee Kennedy
Nivtop creations helped me find some great succulents to put in my work space. Lisa is quick to reply and is very knowledgeable about her service and what would be best in your space.
Jann Luper
Jann Luper
Her plants have brought in much needed natural beauty to our office. Her Christmas designs & decor made our place super festive last year. Can't wait to see what this season brings.
Julie Roth
Julie Roth
Lisa at Nivtop Creations is knowledgeable, professional and has great ideas! On top of that, the level of care that she gives to our plants is better than we've ever had! i highly recommend!

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