Nivtop Office Plants



Frequently Asked Questions.

What services does Nivtop Creations offer?

Nivtop Creations provides a range of services including initial design consultation, selection and installation of plants, ongoing maintenance and care, and periodic updates or redesigns to keep the indoor landscape fresh and engaging. Our Design team also offers specialized services such as creating living walls, indoor water features, and custom plant arrangements tailored to specific themes or branding needs.

Why should I choose Nivtop Creations for my business interior landscaping?

We have a proven track record. Nivtop Creations takes the time to understand your specific business needs and can provide a detailed plan on how we can meet those needs. It’s also important for us to use sustainable practices and have experience with spaces of all sizes. We are happy to provide reference and you can check out our photo gallery at here.

What are the costs involved in hiring an interior landscaper?

The costs can vary widely depending on the scope of the project, types of plants selected, and the services included. Generally, there’s an initial design and installation fee, followed by ongoing maintenance fees. We offer packages that can include maintenance, or charge separately for each visit or service. Requesting a detailed quote that breaks down all costs will help avoid any surprises.

How long does the process take from consultation to installation?

The timeline can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Typically, the consultation and design phase might take a few weeks, allowing for discussions, revisions, and final approvals. The procurement and installation phase could take an additional few weeks, especially if custom elements like built-in planters or large installations are involved. Overall, expect the process to take anywhere from a couple weeks to two months depending on the project size.

How are the plants maintained, and what is required from our side?

Maintenance services are provided by Nivtop Creations and include watering, pruning, fertilizing, pest control, and general health checks of the plants. This ensures the plants stay healthy and vibrant. From your side, you might need to provide access to water and occasionally adjust indoor climate settings like heating or air conditioning as advised by the landscaper to maintain optimal conditions for the plants. Regular communication with your service provider about the plant health and any changes in the environment will also help maintain the quality of your indoor landscape.

I would love plants in my office or home.  How does this work?  

One of our professional designers will meet with you and offer ideas for new plants and containers that best fit your space.  After installation, our horticultural specialist will return for regular service to water and care for them.   It’s that easy!

How do we get started?  

At your convenience we will come to your place of business or home and talk about what plants would work best in your space based upon the lighting.   We will also discuss plant container designs and colors to best fit your space. 

What happens next?   

Our team delivers the new plants and containers and sets them up based upon the approved design.  The regular maintenance starts immediately by our plant care professionals.   We guarantee our plants and service therefore any plant that appears to be declining will be replaced at no cost to you.

Why would a plant decline?

They are out of their natural environment and may decline simply based on lighting or lack thereof.  Sometimes the plant just does not like it’s new home.  Should that happen we will provide a new plant right away and the declining plant will be returned to a our greenhouse to be nursed back to health.

Will you provide plants if I have my own containers?

Yes we will provide plants and install them in your containers.  Our plant professionals will also water them and they will be placed on our guarantee replacement program.

Do you provide Orchids and Bromeliad Arrangements?

We offer live orchids and bromeliads in decorative containers to provide a pop of color to your space.  They are changed/rotated on a monthly basis so they are always lively and fresh.

Do you offer Green Walls and Moss Walls?

Yes we do!  We have a team of designers and engineers that will help with the concept, provide drawings, design, and samples.  We also install our green walls.  This process is not subcontracted to others.  

Do you offer Christmas Decorations?

Yes we provide custom Christmas packages that include trees, garland, and wreaths to fit your space.  We also offer custom Menorahs for Hanukkah celebrations.