Plant Walls, also known as living walls are becoming a new trend as the concern for interior clean healthy air is more in demand than ever.

Living walls install easily and can be made up of vines, succulents, or a mix of plants. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked:

What are plant walls?

An easy explanation is a vertical structure that can include a number of different designs and one or more types of plants. These installations typically come complete with a self watering system and need little maintenance.

What is a wall of plants called?

When inquiring about a plant wall for your establishment you can refer to a few different names including live green wall, living wall, or vertical garden

How does a plant wall work?

Gravity does most of the work in a plant wall after a small pump moves the water to the top of the design. Water is pumped from the lower tank to the green wall, where it is distributed to the plants in the wall. Gravity then pulls the excess water downward through the roots of the plants and the drainage water collects at the bottom of the wall to be fed back to the tank. This water is then used over and over.

Plant Wall In Reception Area

What are the benefits of a plant wall?

  1. Living green walls purify the air
  2. Green walls increase the feeling of well being
  3. A living wall reduces the ambient temperature
  4. Vertical gardens reduce ambient noise
  5. Green walls reduce stress
  6. Vertical gardens boost productivity
  7. Green spaces show a longer residence time
  8. Plant walls add value to the brand
  9. Living walls offer a powerful “healing environment”

Source: Ecobnb

Do living walls need sunlight?

We all know that plants need water and the correct lighting to grow and thrive. Even though most living wall systems have an automatic watering system, you may be limited on the types of plants you can place in your custom installation due to the available natural sunlight in the room. Insufficient lighting can become an issue for indoor plant installations. Our team will be sure to match the correct plants with the available natural lighting to ensure your installation thrives.

How long do plant walls last?

A properly maintained living wall installation can last upwards of -4-6 years, depending on the proper maintenance it receives. Once your plant wall begins to lose its vibrant looks the plants can be replaced and refreshed.

Can a plant wall be installed outdoors?

Yes, vertical gardens can be installed indoors or outside. When installed outdoors your living wall can act as a beautiful privacy screen or patio feature.

Do plant walls bloom?

We can install blooming plants in your installation, if the sunlight in the area is correct for the plants. Most living wall installations are dominantly foliage, more green than colorful. There are some delicate blooms that could add interest, texture and color that will cope with vertical planting better than others. Consider Vinca minor or Saxifraga x urbium (lesser periwinkle or London Pride).

Does the plant wall just have to be green?

When installing your plant wall we will look at the available sunlight and suggest to you the plants that will do best in your environment. The plants we have available come in many different shades of green, red, burgundy, yellow, and even white. The textures of the leaves also can create an attractive, eye catching array. We will be happy to work with you on a concept that will work best in your location.


What sizes do plant walls come in?

We have created full wall and multi wall installations for larger environments but we are not limited to large spaces. For smaller offices we can even offer framed succulent and moss vertical features that only take up a small portion of the wall and do not require a self watering system.

plant wall framed succulent

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