Plants can make a space more enjoyable and they not only help with air quality but they can give a feeling of freshness & comfort as well. If you have plants at your home you already understand the benefit of “bringing nature inside”.

How do you introduce plants into your office environment?

Indoor plants can give a pop of color to an otherwise sterile environment and are a soothing addition to any space.

But, plants need care. Some plants can be tricky to keep healthy and maintain. Who has time for that one top of their busy schedule! You would love to have plants in your office but they cannot survive on their own and you are not in a position to take on the extra duties.

Nivetop Creations can help with your Plant Management and Maintenance


There are a few important things to consider when planning adding some plants to your office environment. With a little help from Nivtop Creations you will not be condemning your new plants to the trash in a few months!


What Purpose Will Your Office Plants Need to Fill?


There are many ways to incorporate plants into your office, retail or professional space. You may want to add some color to a space, possibly some privacy to. Some plants just need to add an aesthetic element while others are needed to add a calming atmosphere. There are holidays that may require an additional decorative pizzazz or festive feeling to an area as well.

No matter what the purpose you need to fill, either with one plant on a desk or an entire foyer – Nivtop Creations can help you improve your environment with a bit of nature.

Having a clear purpose for what you expect the plant to provide in the desired area will be your first step in bringing plants into your environment because it will help determine where you want the plant to be placed, the type of plant best suited for that place and how much attention it will need to be maintained.


Caring for the Office Plants


Once you have decided what places in the office you would like your living additions our team from Nivtop Creations will advise you of plant options that will work best in that space and thrive in the conditions available.

Having decided on locations for your office greenery you will also be able to better understand the care that will be needed to keep these plants healthy and looking their best. Desk plants typically get the best care as they are monitored more closely than plants that may be in a hall or reception area.

Basic Indoor Plant Needs – Care and Maintenance


Understanding the basics of plant care will give you a better guideline on keeping your plants in good health.  There are 4 things that plant need to thrive:


Light –Almost all Indoor plants tend to thrive in low light conditions. If there are large skylights or picture windows in your building you may have the option to be able to joy a wider variety of plants that thrive in better lighting conditions. Many low light loving plants evolved for these specific conditions on floors where filtered light reached through the canopy above. Low light indoor plants will not do well too close to a window that gets direct sunlight and the direct sunlight could damage the plant. Many indoor plants will do just fine in a bright room with plenty of indirect sunlight.

Temperature – Indoor plants thrive well in most temperatures that are comfortable for your employees. Having stable indoor temperatures is the best environment for your plants. If there are fluctuating temperatures you may find that the plants will struggle to look their best. If you close your office for holidays and adjust the temperature regulated by your HVAC system you may return to find you plants did not survive the change or they will show signs of being stressed. Placement of plants should never be right next to heaters, air conditioners or air ducts if you want them to look their best.


Humidity – Office that run air conditioning nearly all year will have a dryer – less humid – environment and the plants you choose to grow in these spaces need to be matched up to the humidity levels you expect them to thrive in. Some offices even opt to add a humidifier to their space in dryer months (winter – when the heaters are running) to make the space more comfortable for both their staff and plants.


Air Flow – Wind and rain in nature cleans the plants that grow outdoors. In order for your plants to avoid a buildup of dust you will need to be sure to keep plants and surface of leaves clear of dust. If you see dust starting to build up on these surfaces your plant is having a harder time absorbing light and being able to breathe. This can cause weakness in the plants and open the door for fungus and disease. When you see dust starting to accumulate on your plant, it’s time to wipe off the leaves.


Water – All plants need the proper amount of water to grow and be healthy. The plant maintenance team at Nivtop Creations will set up a watering schedule that will benefit your plants by providing the proper amount of hydration for the health of each plant. Signs of under watering can include the browning of edges on the tips of the plant’s leaves. Too much water will also be very unhealthy for plants. The first signs of overwatering are the yellowing of the plant’s leaves and the presence of fungus gnats leading also to root rot. It is always best that you leave a drainage hole on the bottom of a plant’s container that can help water to drain away from the roots so they do not sit in water and rot.


Fertilizer – Food for your plants is essential! Plants naturally will absorb minerals directly from the soil around them that in nature would be replenished in a fully functioning eco-system. In your office they will need to be replenished by your plant maintenance team.  There are many options available from slow release pellets to liquid fertilizers and your maintenance team will know what sources are best for the plants in your office.

Plant Size is Important


Plants are available in all shapes and sizes. Some are sparse and others are thick and make for good privacy barriers. You need to keep in mind that each plant has an average height and width as well as color, leaf shape and bloom.

By knowing what you want from the plant, what you need to maintain and care for the plant and the mature size of the plant you will be able to choose the right plant for the space and be able to enjoy the benefits of the plants in your office for a long time.

The experienced team at Nivtop Creations can help you choose plants that are a best fit for your needs and will provide you enjoyment as you spend time in these spaces each day..