Nivtop Creations offers custom holiday decorating services for your office or business, featuring pre-decorated trees, wreaths and garlands for lease through the holiday season. We can also provide festive, live indoor plants and flowers throughout the year and for many other occasions.

Holiday Decorating for your Business with Plants

Imagine your office or business being transformed into a festive location for all who enter to enjoy. Nivtop’s custom holiday plant rental, maintenance, & decorating services can make your office a welcoming, stress-free, and festive.

Nivtop Creations is a provider of interior landscape, plant maintenance, holiday decorating and custom moss walls serving corporate properties such as airports, medical facilities hospitality properties, and premier retail locations in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida areas.

The holidays are full of stress, and who really has the extra time to stay at the office after hours and decorate? Nivtop Creations is ready to bring fresh, beautiful, seasonal plants to your office or business in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida Area.

Holiday Decorating for your Business with Plants - Poinsettia

Businesses need to understand the importance of planning for the yearly costs of strategic Holiday office decorations. A professionally designed and beautifully decorated atmosphere can attract attention to your company and provide a cheerful ambiance. Entering a professional office that has been seasonally decorated with indoor plants not only lifts the spirits of your clients but leaves a positive impression on your employees also.

Decorating with Plants

Winter in Florida is the most wonderful time of the year! As the winter holiday season approaches, we are looking forward to the joy that the season brings. People will be a little kinder and hopefully in a more festive mood eager to experience the holidays as they make their way through busy work and shopping schedules. Now is the time for you to bring in some holiday spirit to your commercial or retail office space

Holiday Decorating for your Business with Plants

Welcoming First Impressions

Nivtop Creations provides interior plant decorating services, mainly featuring live plants, plants in planters, and living walls. Annually, as the holiday season nears, we advise and procure plants for commercial establishments with interior office and holiday decorating. Businesses with seasonal décor visible from their entrance or store front see an increase foot traffic during this special time of the year. Let the simple step of adding holiday season decor bring your commercial space to life with the services of Nivtop Creations.

Custom Holiday Decorating Services for Your Business

Make this season bright and festive for your business. You can always rely on Nivtop Creations for all of your indoor living plant decoration needs. We are a full-service company specializing in interior plant decorating services. We have a variety of plants available that can provide a festive atmosphere and will cheer up any workplace.

Poinsettia Tree

We also have poinsettia tree towers, decorated trees, wreaths, seasonal garlands and other holiday decor and accessories available for rent that are perfect to “deck the halls” of your Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County commercial office, store, or building. Bring some joyful holiday colors into your office and let the team at Nivtop Creations not only care for your plants but also remove and or replace after the season changes. Adding even one or two holiday wreaths or indoor holiday plants can make the holidays special in every way.

Styling, Formatting, Maintenance and Procurement

Our talented consultant’s at Nivtop Creations can create stunning, personalized, and seasonal living arrangements for commercial workspaces including:

  • Business Offices.Plants not only help your office look better but you team will benefit from the healthy atmosphere plants provide.
  • Hotels, Resorts and Casinos.Set the mood for your guests and visitors starting at your entrance and throughout your lobby with some festive indoor holiday plants. Don’t forget to include décor in your hallways and meeting rooms as well.
  • Medical Clinics and Hospitals.Properly maintained plants can aid in making your patients and your hardworking medical staff to feel more relaxed with fresh holiday plants adorning the hallways and rooms. We will be happy to work with you to provide stunning Christmas trees, gorgeous wreaths and lovely live indoor plants.
  • Diners or Restaurants.Having holiday décor can only complement your holiday menu. Properly maintained plants and décor are sure to entice more customers, courtesy of our decorating services.
  • Banks, Warehouses, and Retail Shops.You will have increased foot traffic this year; do your best to make a good first impression this holiday season! Dress up your interior space with our holiday plant services. Live plants or flowers will bring a fresh appeal and no flower says Merry Christmas like the beautiful poinsettia!
  • Museums and Concert Halls. Installing welcoming, cheerful indoor decorations, to promote the giving season at your entertainment venue.


Having beautiful, live plants in your space is easier than ever!  With Nivtop Creations holiday plant service your Tampa Bay and Central Florida commercial or medical space you will be surrounded with beautiful and healthy plants all season.


A simple festive garland and wreath can add color and a welcoming feel to your Tampa Bay office for the Holidays.

Let Nivtop Creations help you get festive this season.

Popular Holiday Plants

Listed below are some of the most requested and popular plants that are best suited for the winter holiday season:

  • Poinsettia – This is the most common Christmas plant. You will find a variety of colors as the poinsettia is available in 50 shades, not just red! Poinsettias are finicky, fragile plants but the plant care team at Nivtop Creations will make sure that they remain beautiful all throughout the holiday season.


  • Anthurium – While not thought of as frequently as the poinsettia when thinking of holiday plants, anthurium flowers also make lovely holidays plants. With a vast array of colors and incredible vase life, the Anthurium is the most popular and long lasting of all tropical flowers.


  • Amaryllis – Popular for their 6 to 10 inch trumpet shaped flowers that are born on 1 to 2 foot stalks (scapes). Although red and scarlet are the most popular colors, the flowers may be pink, white, salmon, apricot, rose, bicolor or picotee (petals with a different edge color) and in both single and double forms. Because they can produce flowers in mid-winter, they are prized for the color they add to indoor landscapes. Blooming plants are often given and received as gifts.


  • Christmas cactus – This is a well known, easy to care for, tropical plant from Brazil. Christmas cactus may have white, pink, red, cream or yellow flowers. They are short –day bloomers but when grown indoors can be forced to bloom almost on queue around the holidays – Christmas, Thanksgiving and even Easter.  The long lasting flowers are perfect for the whole season as flowers can last two to four months.

Christmas cactus

Let Nivtop Creations  Make Your Company Look Good this Holiday Season

Let our talented interior designers at Nivtop Creations design a custom holiday interior for your commercial or retail space this season, and throughout the year.

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