Scent Sells and The Nose Knows

Shoppers perceive scented areas as high end and luxurious. An older but relevant study by Nike showed that customers were 84% more likely to buy shoes in a scented environment versus a non-scented environment. They were also willing to pay 10% to 20% more in scented environments for products they wanted.

Using Scent in Retail

Choose a thematic scent that complements a product in a specific area of your store. For example, Bloomingdale’s uses a coconut scent in its swimwear department and a baby powder scent in infant clothing.

Starbucks, the coffee brand that did $7.5 billion in revenue in Q2 2021, has been long known for its scent marketing tactics. It’s reported that Starbucks adds the scent of coffee to its HVAC systems.

The first thing you smell as you enter a Lowes is the scent of fresh cut wood and you will not find that product until you reach the rear of he store.


Scent and Productivity in the Office

Bringing in scent to an office environment has proven to increase productivity and performance. Also, using essential oil based scents can bring health benefits as well. In an office environment you may have to experiment a bit to get the best scent for your location. For example cinnamon can create the feeling of alertness, jasmine can be calming, and lemon scent is energizing

Introducing Scent Marketing to Your Business


The experienced team at Nivtop Creations can sit with you and talk about the “scent signature” that would work best for your environment. We will take the time to tour your office and suggest the best equipment for your area. You never have to feel that you are alone on this journey. If you are interested in seeing how scent marketing can improve your bottom line just give us a call at 813-382-6803 and set up your onsite consultation today.