It is easy to see the benefits of Interior Landscaping as you watch clients expressions when they enter you’re building or interior space. We specialize in taking a cold, sterile environment and making those spaces warm and inviting. At Nivtop Creations we design, install, and maintain interior and exterior living plant displays. We can work and develop any size project from just a couple potted plants for small local businesses to large scale corporate offices, business centers, shopping malls, courtyards, restaurants, automobile showrooms, golf clubs, hotels, individual retail locations and most of everything in-between.

Benefits of Interior Landscaping

What are the benefits of interior landscaping?

Being close to greenery naturally makes us feel more at ease, and we experience less stress when even just a touch of nature is in the room.

Air quality is improved as the plants produce oxygen and help to pull toxins out of the air.

Having more surface help to quiet background noise and give a more relaxed, welcoming feel to a large space.

Plants are always a welcome site, they are aesthetically pleasing. The wide variety of shapes, colors, and flowering plants give you the opportunity to change up the look of an area seasonally for little cost.

Benefits of Interior Landscaping

What does an interior landscape designer do?

A professional Interior designer will handle all the designing, installation, and maintenance of your greenery and living elements within your interior spaces. Professionals in the trade may refer to this service as interior plantscaping or interiorscaping.

What are the key elements of interior landscape?

There are four key elements that provide the makeup of a stunning indoor landscape. We will cover each of them below:

  1. Environment:

Environmental factors such as water supply, adequate light, drainage, and air circulation must be equally considered when integrating plants in an interior area. Natural and artificial lighting is a very important consideration when choosing plants to use in indoor environments. Many plants can grow well in low light conditions while others require medium or higher light. Another important item to consider is water drainage, and the importance of a nearby water supply line. Your interior landscape designer will consider these requirements and choose the best plants to thrive in your indoor space.

  1. Containers:

With more container options available than plant varieties your choices are only limited by your design aesthetic. The shape and size and material of the plant container play a vital role to the plants that will be contained in them. Containers can give you many options in how your interior landscaping will either stand out or blend into your environment. Choosing colors that are soothing, like pastels, are good for a healing environment. You may consider bolder colors, or colors mimicking your company’s logo to stand out and be noticed.

  1. Plants:

Plant’s come in all shapes, sizes and colors and your professional interior landscape designer can help you to choose plants based on texture, color, form, and repetition of pattern. The texture is about how harsh or soft a plant looks (cactus or roses for example).  You may want to mix in seasonal, annual or local flowers. You must also consider the shape and height of the plants as it determines how well they will fit into your space.

  1. Space:

You must consider the size of the space you want to use an interior landscaping option in. The size of the interior space is the key and you must choose plants and flowers that will “fit the space”. Large spaces with high ceilings will look best with taller and larger plants therefore requiring more landscape (but not necessarily more maintenance). In some spaces a well cared for potted plant is just the right fit.

3 factors Nivtop Creations considers when interior landscape environments


Nivtop Creations strives to be good stewards of our environment through the careful selection of plants, water- use options, and sustainable building materials.

Benefits of Interior Landscaping

Some of the benefits of choosing Nivtop Creations include:

Individually selected, contemporary designed plants and innovative interior landscape design schemes to suit most budgets

Premium quality plants

No minimum quantities

Fresh flower arrangements delivered weekly

Interior plant replacements (for rental & maintenance contracts)

Timely plant delivery and installation

Natural approach to plant care & management

Scheduled maintenance visits by qualified, well trained, crew

Exceptional customer service provided by a specialist company that truly cares about its clients and plant care. Learn more at