Nivtop Creations is a provider of interior landscape, plant maintenance, holiday decorating and custom moss walls serving corporate properties such as airports, medical facilities hospitality properties, and premier retail locations in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida areas. But, what is Interior Landscaping?

Indoor landscaping also commonly known as interiorscaping or plantscaping  is the design, maintenance, and care of living plants in an interior of a building, home or office.

“Interior landscaping professionals install and maintain plants indoors in unnatural environments, necessitating special considerations for plant selection, irrigation, fertilization and pest management.” Source

Why Bring Plants Inside?

Industry wide there is a fast growing trend in hotels, hospitals, retail centers and offices to bring the outdoors in. By brining plants “indoors” the air quality improves, as does the attitude of the people in those spaces.

By replicating the beauty and environmental benefits typically enjoyed only in the outdoors everyone can benefit. NASA’s Clean Air Study suggests having at least one plant per 100 square feet of home or office space for cleaner air. The study found plants to remove toxins like formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and ammonia from the air, which can help employees breathe easier.

6 Elements to Include in your Interior Landscaping

1. Texture

Texture helps you decide how to add variety to your design. Incorporating different textures can keep things interesting.

2. Simplicity

When executed well, simple is beautiful. It only takes a few simple plants to change the look and feel of a sterile medical or office space. If you are have a hard time matching colors, limit your options and stick avoid brightly colored, variegated plants..

3. Balance

Keep your plant colors in check, but also consider the size of your plants. Are they in proportion? Does the shape of your plants compliment your overall space design? By being mindful of balance, you can be sure that your design is well received and enjoyed.

4. Color

This seasonal pop of color can be a very pleasurable element of your space’s design. Our designer will use Color Theory to help you decide what color works best for your space. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different plants and colors when it comes to brining living plants into your space.

5. Unity

Consistency is key when designing any kind of indoor space. You can achieve unity by always putting plants with the same form, scale, texture, and color in adjoining areas. Living Plant Walls and Framed Succulents are great additions when floor space is at a minimum or you have a high traffic area that needs sprucing up between larger spaces.

6. Scale

Consider the size of your space and the plants within when designing your interior space. Avoid placing planter and seasonal decorations in random places. Instead, check to see if they complement the overall area of your space, the space they’re in, and the other plants that share that zone.

How Nivtop Creations can Bring New Life to your Indoor Space

Let Nivtop Creations help you design and maintain your interior space!

Plant Styling

Find the right styling for your business personality. We can help make your workspace look and feel right.

Plant Formatting

Bringing the right plants into your workspace helps create an atmosphere that promotes happier employees and better productivity.

Plant Maintenance

Our office plant rental service includes installation and regular maintenance. We ensure that your plants are watered and looking their best.

Plant Procurement

We believe quality starts at the source. Nivtop works with landscapers and nurseries to procure and deliver of all your plant needs, big or small.

Seasonal Decorating with Plants

As the seasons change so do the needs of plants. Humidity and natural sunlight will change throughout the year and  may require a changing of plants. Many office choose to fill these changing times with seasonal plants that are matched to suit the holiday or season. Our consultant will be happy to work with you on these changes. You may want to add in a Decorated tree in your  reception area or some fall color in your windows, Nivtop is here to help!

Tampa’s First Choice for Interior Landscaping

Nivtop Creations provides plant rental and maintenance solutions so you can enjoy living green plants. Indoor plants help to enhance the interiors in your workspace, refine indoor air quality and help reduce noise pollution.

If you’d like to make your office building or workspace look and feel better for your employees and visitors, living office plants deliver exceptional ambiance and beauty contact Nivtop Creations and begin your plant rental and office plant solutions.