2023 Plantscape Awards Tampa

The team at Nivtop Creations was honored to receive an award at the International Plantscapes Awards Gala at the Tampa Convention Center On January 19, 2023.”The International Plantscape Awards recognizes outstanding achievements in interior plantscape design, installation, creativity, renovation, and innovation. These awards celebrate the strides of interior plantscapers to connect people with plants in remarkable ways’

UT Moss Wall

The Award Winning Project

The University of Tampa was looking for a fun and organic element to add to the lobby entrance of their new building. The new construction features cutting-edge materials, specialty lighting, and state-of-the-art designs. The University envisioned a custom moss wall to accent the space with natural colors. The client wanted an organic, natural flowing design replicating an aerial view of natural landscape. To achieve this, four types of preserved moss were used to create a three-dimensional appearance. The wall’s captivating beauty helped bring attention to the custom backlit signage. Moss Supplier: Moss Man

Lisa Potvin Nivtop Creations

“We were humbled as we shared the room with many local icons in the business. Having spent many years in this business locally it was good to see many past co-workers and friends. To have received this recognition so early in my entrepreneurial journey had done more for my drive to be successful than anything else I could have dreamed of. Thank you all for your support on this wild road and we look forward to continued growth in the next year!”¬† Lisa Potvin

Passion for Plants

We love providing the beauty and charm of beautiful plants to your business.

Nivtop Creations A Passion For Plants

About Nivtop Creations

Nivtop Creations provides plant rental and maintenance solutions so you can enjoy living green plants. Indoor plants help to enhance the interiors in your workspace, refine indoor air quality and help reduce noise pollution.

Our plant maintenance program ensures beauty and function year-round, all without having to do it yourself.

Nivtop Creations knows plants and can select the ones that match your business needs. Our workspace plant maintenance service includes our plant care specialists visiting your office to water and prune the plants We also offer rotational services where we will replace the plants with blooming flowers based upon the season.