When researching for your office you must remember that commercial buildings have their own special climates and typically do not follow seasons. Let us look at the Best Lighting and Temperatures for Office Plants

There are plants you can choose though that will be able to survive even the most unfriendly climates your building has to offer

Temperature and Light Requirements for Office Plants

Most offices really could use a little fresh air and life to brighten up an otherwise sterile environment. As many of your clients know the office can be a pretty cruel place to introduce a beautiful living thing. Plants chosen for the office must be hardy and not require pampering.

Plants Need Light

Choosing the right plant starts with the lighting. Plants having access to sunlight, even indirectly, do best – but then again so do humans. Light equals food for plants and some plant varieties need more light than others.

Best Lighting for Office Plants

Low Light Plants

In offices that have little to no natural sunlight and mainly artificial lights you will still have options to bring plants into your space to improve the air quality and provide some natural beauty. Some plants that can do well in this space would be snake plants or zizi plants.

You can add in other plants by considering installing a CFL bulb that provides high lumens and a warm color rating approximately 1 foot from the location of the plant. This works great in a corner where you could place 1 or more plants where you could focus the decor on the live greenery.

Medium Light Plants

Many offices now are open concept and have lots of open space for indirect light that can fill the room. There are many plants that thrive in indirect light including pothos, philodendrons and ferns.

High Light

If you have an area in the office that received direct  light or full sun all day you will want to choose plants that thrive in that environment. Some plants that enjoy a hot and dry environment include succulents, euphorbs and cacti. If you have a mild humidity in your office space you could also add in thick air plants, ponytail palms or even a bird of paradise.


Plants Thrive in Proper Temperatures

Another top concern for your office plants is temperature. If you office is kept at a temperature where you need a blanket all day just to function and your hands are freezing as you are typing on your keyboard –other plant considerations will have to be made.

Plants Thrive in Proper Temperatures

Tropical plants should not be placed in an office kept under 75°F (24°). Most plants grow at their best between temperatures of 60 – 75°F (15 – 24°). Any temperatures above 75°F (24°) would be considered too high not so much because of the warmer air but more due to the low humidity (unless misted regularly)

Plant temperature Limits

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